Selling your gear at Pando is as easy as boxing it up and dropping it off for shipping. Whether you're local here in Utah or sending your gear from across the country, you'll earn the same high payouts once your gear sells.

Earn More with Consignment

Once your gear sells, you earn a percentage of the proceeds. You can use your earnings towards any purchase (new or used), or you can take a cash payout through Venmo or PayPal.

Selling Price
(Store Credit)
(Cash Payout)
$20 and Under 50% 40%
$21-$100 60% 50%
$101-$500 70% 60%
Over $500 80% 70%

We provide a pre-paid shipping label at no upfront cost, so it's super easy to send in your gear. Once your gear sells, $9.95 will be deducted from your earnings for the label ($19.95 for oversize). Stuff your box full of outdoor goods (we recommend at least $100 worth), and the label cost will be negligible!

Why Consign With Pando

Earn more.

We pass along a larger percentage of the proceeds, so you earn more for your gear. Whether you’re local or shipping it in, you get the same fair rates.

Ship it and forget it...

We’ll use our extensive sales database and research to suggest pricing for your items. After listing, we'll keep an eye on everything and gradually apply progressive discounts to make sure your gear finds a new home at the best possible price.

...or stay in control.

Prefer to price your own items? You're welcome to go higher or lower than our suggested pricing (some restrictions apply).

Need something to sell quicker? For items being sold on our website, you can add a discount at any time, in real time, to entice potential buyers.

Trade up.

Consignment earnings can be used towards the purchase of new or used gear from top outdoor brands. Anything on our website or in store is fair game.

Support local.

Some gear simply sells better in person. When you ship your gear to Pando, most of it will be available to browse in our downtown Provo UT shop, where other outdoor enthusiasts can examine it, try it on, and get expert advice from our staff. This means your gear is more likely to end up in the right hands and out on the trail.

  • We can provide an instant store credit trade-in offer for your gear. Credit may be used towards your next purchase, or as a refund on any purchase made within the last 30 days.

We'll Handle the Hassle

We take care of all the cringe that comes with selling your gear to strangers, so you can get paid and move on with your life.

  • We research, photograph, price, and list each individual item
  • We communicate with potential buyers and answer questions
  • We manage returns and exchanges

What We Accept

General Requirements

  • Acceptable Items

    • Camping & Hiking
    • Cycling Accessories
    • Climbing
    • Skiing & Winter Sports
    • Running & Fitness

    Items should be —

    • Perfectly functional, no missing pieces, no repairs or compromises required to use
    • From an established, recognized outdoor brand (Walmart/Target/Amazon/generic brands are generally not accepted)
  • Items We Can't Accept —

    • Team sports gear (football, basketball, hockey, etc)
    • Firearms, hunting, or fishing equipment
    • Bikes or other bulky items such as cargo boxes or kayaks. Accepted locally! But not through shipping.

    Also No —

    • Gear with holes, stains, odors, or other damage.

Full Requirements

For a full list of what we accept and what we don't, visit our Consignment and Trade In Guide —

Have gear that doesn't quite qualify? You're welcome to include it in the box if you have extra room. We'll consider this a donation, and will do our best to find it a new home.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not sure if my gear qualifies.

Feel free to email us a couple pictures along with any details you have, and we'd be happy to look at it with you.

If you've got extra room in your box, you're always welcome to add non-qualifying gear and we'll do our best to find it a new home. These items would be considered a donation.

How much will my gear sell for?

While we can't guarantee a specific selling price, a good rule of thumb is to assume that the starting price will be 40-60% of retail for recent season good condition hard goods (tents, skis, bike components, etc), and 30-50% for recent season good condition soft goods and footwear. Items that don't successfully sell at the list price will gradually have discounts applied to ensure they find a good home.

We'll provide a suggested listing price for each item you mail in. You're welcome to accept this price, or price your items higher or lower (some restrictions apply).

Want more guidance before you ship? Email with the brand, model, and estimated year of your item, along with a couple pictures, and we can give an estimate.

I have a lot of gear. Can you help?

Absolutely. We love to work with brands, retailers, sponsored athletes, rental fleet managers, and anyone else who just happens to collect a lot of outdoor gear.

Brands, retailers, and fleet managers, send us a note at before shipping anything, and we'll get in touch to confirm we're able to sell your items, and to discuss pricing strategy.

Can I drop off my gear in person?

Absolutely. We currently have drop off available at our Provo, UT location.

What if I change my mind and want my gear back?

It's yours until the day it sells. Just pay for return shipping, and we'll send it back to you.

What if my gear doesn't sell?

Between our online store and our physical retail shop, we can usually find a new home for your gear. If your gear isn't selling, we'll first start with progressive discounts, and then if that doesn't work we'll eventually put it on clearance. If it still isn't selling after that, we may opt to take it out of our inventory. You can either pay to have it shipped back, or we can donate it to a local non-profit on your behalf.