About Us

We make it easier for you to tread lightly by helping you find gently used outdoor gear as well as new gear that is more sustainably sourced.

Our History

We started in 2019 as a small gear-sharing co-op running out of a home shed in Orem, Utah, where members could store their lesser-used outdoor gear for others in the community to rent at affordable prices.

In 2022 we moved to our first retail location and rebranded as Pando Refitters. Our name is inspired by Pando, an aspen tree colony in central Utah and one of the world’s oldest and largest living organisms. Pando serves as a reminder for us to think long term about the impact our actions have on the planet.

Our Impact

We know selling used outdoor gear only goes so far to address our pressing environmental challenges, and that’s why we partner with local grassroots organizations on the front lines of conservation efforts. 

We donate $1 from every purchase you make to support conservation efforts in the western United States. We also use our social media and physical store to amplify the messages of these important organizations.

Through our Pando Conservation Club, we provide additional perks and rewards as a thank you to those of you who support local conservation projects. 

  • Ellis

    Founder, Sustainability and Operations

  • Tara

    Operations, eCommerce Lead

  • Richard

    Climbing Lead

  • Jess

    Skiing Expert

  • Emily

    Skiing Expert

  • Lizzie

    Skiing Expert

  • Chris

    Cycling Lead, Ski & Bike Tuning