Considering Fleet Consignment

Considering Fleet Consignment

Our fleet consignment program can simplify the process of retiring your rental equipment, while also earning you on average 20-30% more than you would receive working with a traditional reseller.

This program may not be viable for every organization, but with the convenience of working with a reseller plus the financial returns of selling in-house, it's worth exploring.

Here's a brief overview of what to expect with fleet consignment, and how to prepare for it.

What to Expect

Logistically, fleet consignment looks a lot like a bulk sell — when your season ends, your retired inventory is hauled off to our storage facilities, freeing up space at your shop for off-season operations. 

Your fleet is then inspected, with each item categorized, graded, and prepped for selling.

Throughout the following season, your fleet is sold through a mix of channels, including our retail store,, and other online marketplaces and in-person ski swaps.

We handle 100% of the sales process, from marketing to customer service to payment processing.

You retain ownership of every item in your fleet until the day it sells — this model allows us to offer you a significantly higher portion of the proceeds.

Each month, you’ll receive a sales receipt and a check for the previous month’s sales. You’ll also have access to your custom sales portal, where you can view fleet status, sales, and earnings in real time at any point during the season.

At the end of the season, our buyback guarantee ensure that, regardless of economic conditions or sales success, all gear is sold and off your books, with a lump sum payment sent to you for any remaining unsold inventory.

Planning for a Better Revenue Model

Depending on when and how you currently sell your retiring fleet every year, consignment may change short-term cashflow projections, and may require advance preparation to ensure you can participate.

Ask our team for a proposal for your specific fleet, and we'll send you our projections for what your monthly payouts and total earnings might look like. 

If your shop depends on spring revenue from selling your fleet to cover summer operational expenses, you may qualify for our fleet downpayment option, where we send you a portion of expected earnings in advance to help with transition to the consignment model.

If you can plan effectively for the changes in cashflow timing, fleet consignment can offer a significantly better return on your investment.

Reach out to your representative or email for more information.

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