2023 Impact Report

2023 Impact Report

2023 was a year of change and transformation for us — experiencing our first summer season, launching our website to connect with a national audience, and navigating all the challenges that come with growing rapidly on a shoestring budget.

In the middle of all this, we've tried to keep our mission of "More Footprints, Less Footprint" front and center in all we do. Part of keeping it front and center involved re-evaluating how we use Pando Refitters to advocate and raise funds for conservation non-profits.

When we first started, we pledged to donate $1 from every purchase to conservation efforts. We quickly found this to be an effective way to raise funds, but a very ineffective way to start conversations or spark action.

As we considered ways to better involve our customers in our advocacy efforts, we landed on a new approach to promoting Less Footprint — the Pando Conservation Club

If you're not familiar with it yet, think of the Pando Conservation Club like a retail rewards program with perks ranging from 10% back on full price purchases to 20% off tuning. The difference? Membership doesn't come by giving up your personal information or by spending a minimum amount. To join, all you have to do is commit to make a difference — either with a donation to one of our conservation non-profit partners, or by bringing your gear into the shop so others can choose used.

In the nearly 6 months this program has been live, our favorite aspect has been the conversations we get to have with you at the cash register. Should you donate to Save our Canyons or Salt Lake Climbers Alliance? What's Conserve Utah Valley working on to help save the Great Salt Lake? These sorts of conversations are a critical first step to inspiring action.

As far as we know, this is the first impact-incentivizing rewards program ever, and we're so excited to see the kind of difference we can make together. Stay tuned for a national launch of the Pando Conservation Club in the coming months, allowing anyone across the country to make a difference and get rewarded, whether they're visiting us in Provo or shopping on the website.

Beyond the Conservation Club, here are a few other results we're really proud of for 2023.


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Raised $1,425 for Conserve Utah Valley

to help with their advocacy and education efforts. Their latest initiative, "Grow the Flow", is playing a critical role in efforts to preserve and refill the Great Salt Lake.


Donated $240 to Save Our Canyons

to help with legal fees and recent campaigns for preserving the delicate ecosystems of Salt Lake's Big Cottonwood, Little Cottonwood, and Parley's Canyon. Save Our Canyons has been at the forefront of campaigns to prevent mining, gondolas, and other scarring activities in these canyons.

Raised over $1,900

for other conservation non-profits, ranging from Utah Open Lands to the Salt Lake Climbers Alliance and the Bicycle Collective.


Re-homed approximately 9,600lbs of gear

making it easier for several thousand people to choose used.